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Dirck Coon in recovering nicely at The Lutheran Center after a couple of cardiac procedures at Vassar Hospital.  He is hoping to be home soon.


I arrived home yesterday afternoon, and now catching up on some much needed rest. I do not need any help as my sister, Carol, caught up w/laundry and my sons have done all the grocery shopping, filling the larder w/heart healthy foods. There is nothing I need.
I prefer not to have visitors at home. However, want to thank you for your prayers, kind words and thoughts. I feel spiritually gifted to live in this community of caring people. I am forever grateful to be among you as it is calming to my soul and my wellbeing.
Warm regards, Darlene


Darlene is home!


Darlene is doing great! I just visited her at Vassar Hospital - she has had a cardio "procedure" and is well on her way to a full recovery and hopefully she will be going home tomorrow (Tuesday).  Bob was with her as well as her sister Carol.

I told her we all were pulling - and praying - for her.  She sends best to all.



Good day,

First is our "concern" is for Denis Hingston who is in Sharon Hospital after a fall earlier this week.  We will keep him in our prayers.

JOY that Gloryann is feeling well enough to not only enjoy the Kent Tritle concert on Saturday but also  to attend church this morning!

And we have many people to thank for the abundance of flowers adorning our chancel as well as enhancing our tables at the concert reception on Saturday, notably Gloryann Webb and Carol Coon.  This coming Sunday (Sept 27) Sharon Kroger is going to Jim Flaherty's and cut and bundle a profusion of zinnias for us to enjoy - WOW are we ever lucky!

Have a great week everyone!



Dear everyone: we just found that the cemetery closes earlier then the funeral home realized so they want people there at 10 a.m. instead of 10:30. Don't know if any of you planned on going but just in case.

On Sep 15, 2015 7:39 PM, "Jodi Spitler" <> wrote:

Chris and I plan to pay our respects during the 7-9 time slot. 


Cherry, Nan just called to let me know that the wake will be on Friday from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m and 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday will be the burial starting with a service at the funeral home at 10:30 a.m. Once things settle down Nan will find a date to have a memorial service up here at the church, probably in October if that works.

Funeral Home is:                                                                                                                                                    Flyynn Memorial Funeral Home                                                                                                                              1652 Central Park Avenue                                                                                                                               Yonkers, NY 10710


Instead of flowers Nan asked that people donate to the Smithfield Church Columns Fund.

I have room in my car for at least one person if anyone needs or wants to ride together.

Thanks for everything Cherry, XO Paula


This message came to me this morning from Sharon Webb:

My mother is doing OK, but I was disappointed she did not venture out to church today.  She's still does not have much strength.  I encourage people to visit and call.



Ethel died this afternoon around 1pm. Happily Nan was there and Liz and Sharon sang for her. She went with  style as always.


Dear dear each and everyone of you:
Nan just called to let me know that Ethel is comfortable but that the hospice nurse doesn't think that she will last through tonight. 

Pray that she goes peacefully and quickly and pray for Nan. 



I visited Ethel at Sharon Hospital this afternoon. However,  I have just received news that she is returning to her room at Noble Horizons as soon as this evening.  Pray that this move goes smoothly and she is comfortable being back in familiar surroundings.



I visited Ethel today.  She was quite agitated and confused about what was going on.  She hadn't eaten all day.  Her hands were very cold.  I told her that all of us [on this list] would pray for her to overcome her confusion and that she might get a proper sleep tonight.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  She seemed relieved that we would all be praying for her to recover a sounder mind.  She wants to get back to church and be among all those she cares so much about.  

Love to all, Douglas


Ethel is at Sharon Hospital (Room 208) - her base vitals are very low - they are hydrating her and giving her some antibiotics - she seemed ok.  I brought her hearing aids: the left one is working well, but the right one is very noisy. I will bring that back to hearing works tomorrow - hopefully they will be able to fine tune it. Other than that I am hoping that things will take a turn for the better.

Thank you all for your support,

Love, Nan 


Gloryann is home!!!! YAYYYYY She has been advised to stay around the "homestead" for a while so we probably will not see her in church just yet.  And I know we all want to help - taking some food is a great idea, but let's let Sharon give us the lead on that - we don't want to overwhelm the Webbs.  Anyway, the great news is she is home with JC!

And Ethel is doing fine at Noble Horizons - I visited with her this afternoon and took with me a nice card and note from Denise Finley.  Ethel told me she enjoyed going outside with Linda Kinney when she visited earlier in the week.  I can't stress enough, cheery cards, notes and visits are keeping her spirits high.



I visited today with Ethel and she is fine - and thank "you"  (and you know who "you"  are) for signing her "guest book", as well as the cards and notes sent to her -  she misses all of us so very much. When I finally found Gloryann, she was in a group project involving peeling peaches - and Katharine Dunlop was there as well (just visiting, not peeling...). Gloryann looked well - and her peach was perfectly peeled - WOW -  I stayed only a few minutes. 

Visit, send notes, and cheery cards!

Hugs all around, Cherry


As some of you know Gloryann Webb has been down in Westchester Hospital, but as of yesterday was well enough to come back "home" - she is at Sharon Health Center in Room 220 - bed closest to the door. I went over there this afternoon and we chatted for a bit before her physical therapist came for a session. She is in good spirits, but of course would rather be in her own home. Visitors and cheery cards and notes are welcome.

Address: Sharon Health Care Center ,                                                                                                                                                  27 Hospital Hill Road,                                                                                                                                                                   Sharon,                                                                                                                                                                                                         CT, 06069.



Please ask everyone for their prayers and good wishes for Gloryann Webb who was hospitalized earlier this week. Cards and notes can be sent to her home at 614, Smithfield Valley Road, Amenia, NY. 12501.


I visited with Ethel this afternoon and she's fine!  New cards are there since I last visited and she is grateful for the mail so keep the cheery cards and notes coming and visit if you can!



Happy Wednesday!

Allan and I visited Ethel this afternoon.  Paula was also there.  She brought Ethel's friend Sophie from Yonkers who had driven to Paula's.   Ethel was happy to have visitors and we all signed a new  "guest book".  So look for the red book when you stop by and please sign it and this will be a great help to all of us,  especially Ethel, remembering who has come by. 



I visited Ethel this afternoon and she was alert and very talkative.  She has been moved to Riga, another wing of care at Noble Horizons - not too far from her room in Wagner.  She was "lounging" in a comfy (Barco-lounger/type) chair near the nurse's station and lots of activity was going on but we were able to talk and laugh.  She told me about the visitors she has had and regrets that she didn't feel well enough to attend our Homecoming Service and luncheon this past Sunday. She enjoyed being interviewed by Douglas and very much appreciates the possibility of being a member of Smithfield Church. 

I encourage you to keep those cheery cards coming and plan to visit soon and often!



Allan and I visited with her this afternoon and she was in fine fettle - talkative and laughing and told us she "loves visitors" so get on over and visit with her.  Or send her a cheery card - I sent her a post card from California when I was there over the weekend and it was right there on her table.



Allan and I stopped in this morning and she was resting in her chair.  Not feeling 100% so we chatted briefly and left - however, after I told her we had been in Lakeville getting my computer "fixed" she laughed that she wish "she" could  get fixed that easily - obviously her humor is intact!

Keep the cards and visits coming!


PS - Jeanette Hingston was talking with another woman outside the building as we went in - she looked wonderful.


Thanks so much Cherry! Did she tell you that she went with a group yesterday for an ice cream social to the lake? Paula Pelosi


I spent about 1/2 hour with Ethel earlier this afternoon - she told me she has appreciated other visitors from church so I continue to encourage you to go or send her a cheery card!




Allan and I stopped by briefly this afternoon and Ethel was comfortable in her "new" room - #20 in Wagner - a wonderfully cozy and bright sunny room. She was in good spirits and said " I think I will be here a long time". And she asked to be remembered to everyone at church.



We encourage you to visit Ethel at Nobel Horizons whenever you like. She loves visitors and our only caveat is to try and make your visit earlier in the day rather than later (she tires as the day goes on). However, any visit is better than no visit!  And please share your recent visit with us - anecdotes or stories to share are most welcome.


Smithfield Helpers

Cherry Talbott

P.O. Box 748

Millbrook, NY 12545


Update: Jeannette  is walking with a walker and anxious to leave Noble Horizons and go home.


Rev. Robert Duebbler

Sharon - The Rev. Robert (Bob) Deubber, 68, died October 29, 2014, at the John Dempsey Hospital. He was the husband of Diane deManbey Deubber.

Bob was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Bowling Green University and Andover Newton Theological Seminary. His forty years of ministry encompassed Congregational churches in Bloomfield, Ct, Marion, MA, and Thompson, CT. Bob treasured the wonderful people of his parishes and remained friends with many.

He was a loving husband and father who enjoyed road trips with his daughter, Lyndsay, playing with his dachshunds and his dog Tobey, and exploring the world of the spirit.

Besides his wife, Diane, Bob is survived by a daughter, Lyndsay, who lives in Creston, CO. He is also survived by his brother, Bill, and Bill's wife, Carol, and many nieces and nephews. He will always be remembered as the touchtone of their lives.

A celebration of his life will be held on Sunday, November 9th at 3pm at the Falls Village Congregational Church in Connecticut. Memorial contributions may be sent to the Falls Village Congregational Church, P.O.. Box 72 , Falls Village, Ct. 06031. The Kenny Funeral Home at 41 Main Street, Sharon, has the care of arrangements.

Today (August 31st) we celebrated the 60th wedding anniversary of JC and Gloryann. Today is also Elder Allan Morjikian's birthday. Finally, we were able to welcome the Rev. Perry Wooton and his wife, Love, to the church and at the organ was Dr. Hampton A. Sisler, who is now going to be our regular organist once a month.

In church yesterday (August 24th, 2014), we celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of Darlene and Bob. Congratulations!

The front entrance to the church is now closed as the weight-bearing eastern column is giving way. Please use the back entrance until repairs have been effected. This will involve, in the initial stage, a steel reinforcement beam to make the porch roof safe. This should be done in September. The main repair work on the columns and the porch floor will be done in the Spring and Summer next year. It will be expensive! Please see the brochure outlining the work to be done - it is posted on the "Repairs to the Church Portico" page on this website. Please contribute!

Freely you have received, freely give.  Matthew 10: 8

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