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The organ at Smithfield Church was rescued from the Congregational Church, Kent, CT in 2008, when it was replaced by a computer organ.  The casework, façade and water-gilt carving were completed in August, 2010. 

Many of the members of The Smithfield Church became involved in various ways in this relocation project, and thus it has a very happy home.   

The instrument is entirely original with the exception of the Fifteenth and concave, radiating pedalboard created by Charles  Aitkin in 1976, and the façade pipes originally in the Estey organ in First Presbyterian Church, Holyoke, Massachusetts.



We have an 1866 Steinway piano, 1866 being the first year that "Steinweg" called itself "Steinway".  It is a glorious and important instrument, historically and musically. 


Organ by Johnson and Son - 1893

Organ specifications: 

Great Organ:  8 Open Diaspason (TC); 8 Open Diapason Bass (Cc-Bb) Facade; 4 Octave; 4 Flute D'amour (TC); 2 Fifteenth Blowers Signal

Swell Organ:  8 Viola Diapason (TC); 8 Stopt Diapason (TC); 8 Stopt Diapason Bass (Cc-Bb); 4 Fugara

Pedal Organ:  16 Sub Bass; Pedal Check

Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Swell to Great

Manuals--58 Notes           Pedal--27 Notes

Freely you have received, freely give.  Matthew 10: 8

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