The Smithfield Church

Our Pastors

The Smithfield Church celebrates a history rich in dedicated pastors who have served their congregations well and with a caring, nurturing spirit.  We are deeply grateful for them all.


1742-1812  Records Incomplete.     June 19, 1770  The eminent preacher, George Whitefield, preached under the spreacing branches of the old oak tree in front of the church, drawing a great crowd.

1812-1820     Eli Hyde

1822-1831     Robert G. Armstrong

1833-1847     William J. McCord

1847-1855     G. T. Todd

1859-1862     Dwight K. Bartlett

1863-1885     August H. Seeley

1888-1890     W. E. Smith

1890-1892     Henry G. Birchby

1892-1896     H. d. Leland

1897-1899     J. S. Ellsworth

1899-1901     G. T. Galbraith

1902-1918     William G. Myles

1919-1928     James C. Dorward

1929-1956     Arthur James

1956-1960     Arthur B. Goyette

1960-1964     Robert H. Glaser

1964-1966     Robert L. Sullivan

1967-1972     Leif E. Erickson

1973-1979     Robert M. Runge

1979-1989     Paul L. Rhebergen

1989-1994     William E. Palmer


Freely you have received, freely give.  Matthew 10: 8

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